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Keeping your pets looking their best is one of our favorite pastimes. Bring your dog to Blackwitch Farms for attentive and compassionate dog grooming and boarding.


We've been breeding our miniature schnauzers and Chinese shar peis for more than three decades. If you're looking for a wonderful friend with a warm heart, we can get you the right puppy!

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Our Story

For an experienced dog breeder that you can trust, count on Blackwitch Farms in China, Michigan. Since 1969, we have served dog lovers around the country, providing socialized, beautiful, healthy miniature schnauzers and Chinese shar peis. We also offer boarding and grooming of all breeds. All of our dogs have a comfortable life, with comfortable homes, plenty of room to run, and they’re not crated all the time. We have bred more than 100 champions, and we share our love of animals and knowledge with each customer we work with.

Schedule an appointment with us in China, Michigan, to discuss your needs with a local, trusted dog breeder.

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